Visit my shop for a fitting :

If you would like to visit my shop in Machynlleth, Wales, UK, simply contact me to make an appointment.

It is always nice to meet and measure you myself and it gives you the chance to see different styles and look at all the array of colours I have. Nevertheless it is useful if you can tell me your size or send me your foot measurements beforehand so that I can get an idea of your requirements and make sure I have the right sizes in stock as I often have sent them out for fittings.

Once we have agreed on any adjustments after the first fitting then I will make you your final pair and post them to you or you can pick them up. 

Order Via Post :

(I can post overseas but P&P will vary)

Please note, if you are ordering from overseas you will need to send your measurements and a deposit by email to 

1. Send me your measurements and a £50 deposit so that I can send you a pair of shoes or Shandals for a fitting (the deposit secures my shoes and your place in line). 

2. I will send you a pair of my shoes or Shandals from stock for a fitting. This gives you the chance to try them on before you commit to ordering a pair. If you want to go ahead with an order, we talk on the phone about what adjustments you need while you are wearing them,such as a deeper toe box, adjustments to the length, quarters and lasts.If you decide the shoes are not for you then simply send them back and I will return your full £50 deposit back. 

3. You will then need to choose your leather and colours so I can make your shoes which can take anything between 3-8 weeks depending on the requirements and my waiting list at the time.  My aim is to get the perfect fit for your feet and made to measure shoes can sometimes take several fittings before getting the right one. In some cases it is necessary to make a prototype pair of shoes or Shandals to get the perfect fit, in other cases it will be necessary to obtain a pair of individual lasts made especially to your feet (lasts are the wooden feet models shoes are made around)


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