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Shandals® come in two width fittings and three different designs, Lace-up, Buckle and slip on. They were originally designed by Alan James Raddon in 1992 for a client with bunions to help straighten out the big toe but are worn by people all over the world as a comfortable, supportive open footwear. 

"Wearing my Lace up Shandals® is more comfortable than going bare feet" - Hidemi Suganami 2016

Lace up Shandals® 

 If you do suffer with damaged feet I recommend the Lace up Shandals® as they are the most supportive. The combination of straight inside edge and toe thong gently guides the big toes straighter, leaving the other toes space to heal and recuperate. When your big toes are guided straight, your arch naturally lifts, which is then embraced and supported by the soft uppers when the laces are tightened. They can be made as a plain upper or with a brogue design.

Buckle Shandals® 

The Buckle is a great design for many although they are not quite as adjustable as the Lace ups, they are a nice sophisticated cut and very flattering around the ankle too. 

All the Shandal® designs are exceptionally comfortable, breathable and have helped many people with all sorts of problems due to hereditary bunions or a lifetime of wearing badly, fitting pointy shoes.

Slip on Shandals® 

The slip on design tends to fit those with normal healthy feet. If you have a dropped arch the elasticated sides will not feel as 'held' as the other two designs but they are a nice option for an easy on , easy off pair. I like to think of Shandals® as a gentle therapy. They can be worn by men and women of all ages, tailored to fit your unique foot shape and made in a colour of your choice.  

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