What makes your shoes special?

They are uniquely Foot shaped so very good for the feet, your knees, hips, back and your whole body in fact. They are also designed to last a very long time and repairable.

Where do you ship- do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. I have customers all over the world.

Are there set fees for shipping?

Yes, it’s £25 world wide to any country.  (£15 within the UK special delivery)

Will you make shoes in two different sizes? I have one foot bigger than the other.

Yes I can make both shoes in different sizes and in ¼, ½, ¾ too. 

All of our shoes are made to your bespoke requirements. We can create shoes in quarter sizes, half sizes or indeed whole size differences.  Generally we will undertake a fitting to capture the most accurate information to make your perfect shoes.

Are you able to colour match other accessories? Such as a handbag?

Yes. So far I have matched leather colours to an Aga, a Record player and a special edition blue Mini Cooper!

Can you repair my current shoes?

I can repair the shoes as long as I have made them myself. In most cases it's a resole that is needed but I can repair the upper or replace laces etc. It goes without saying that it is important to TAKE CARE of the leather too, as without proper care it can become weak or brittle. For tips and care instructions please see the Aftercare page on my website. 

Are you able to make something I have designed myself?

It really depends on the design. Some ideas work with my construction and some don't. I have often worked in collaboration with others to create different projects etc. 

How many different styles do you make?

My shoes come in 3 widths and with or without brogue. I also make a buckle shoe and a Mary Jane style. The boots are either lace up or slip on and can be to any height on the leg. Shandals come in 3 designs - slip on, buckle and lace ups. 

How long does the process of making your shoes take?

It really depends on the complexity of the fitting, I normally say around 3 weeks if there is no waiting list. 

How do I care for my new shoes?

Please see the AFTERCARE page on my website. 

Do you have a shop location? Can I visit you?

Yes. I make all my shoes at my shop in Machynlleth which is open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday. Or you can make an appointment. 

What’s the difference between lined and unlined?

The lined are what I work with the most as they tend to be more substantial, made from high quality soft leathers and extra comfortable. The lined are perfectly durable but just one layer of leather so are prone to stretching a little more and can feel less substantial. They are also available in around 10 colours where as the lined can be in over 70 colours. 

How long do your shoes last?

This is the question I get asked a lot. I have customers that are heavy on shoes and need a resole every year but others who need it every 5, 10 or even 20 years. It really depends how you walk, you might wear down one side quicker for example.

Do your shoes offer arch support?

My shoes are very specifically designed to perfectly sculpt the arch so they fit very closely to the foot. They don't have a arch built into the shoe because I believe through many years of having your arch 'held up' this will make the muscles in your feet lazy and not allow your muscles to work as they naturally do when you walk with nothing on your feet. 

Can I have more than one set of laces with my purchase?

You can have as many as you desire! Many people order black shoes for work and a kaleidoscope of laces to match different outfits or occasions. 

Why do your shoes look wider that average?

They are footshaped. Put your foot on the floor and a shoe next to it. Most manufactured shoes are not the shape of feet. After years of wearing them your set will eventually mould to that shape. I believe shoes should mould to the feet rather than your feet mould to the shoe.

Do you only work with leather?

I have often used fabrics like tweed or canvas to make the uppers but the innersole I use is made from leather which is not possible to replace. The innersole is integral to the construction of my shoes and is not able to be replaced. 

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask : ruth@ruthemilydavey.co.uk