Slip on Shandals 12, fully lined


Slip on Shandals 12, fully lined


Shandals are designed to keep your toes in line while also holing the heel firmly into the back of the shoe. Designed for those with bunions but worn by people with perfectly healthy feet!

These Slip on Shandals made in soft Full grain Italian leather, fully lined in soft Italian mulberry leather.


Shandals are made to fit very closely to the feet. Its important you measure your feet first to see whether they will fit. Often we have one foot longer than the other or different volumes over the arch. Your toes should come to just behind the stitching and the upper should fit firmly to the foot with no movement at the back. The Slip on design will not fit you if you have a severely dropped arch.

A size 5 Shandal will fit you if you measure approx :

Length = 243mm

Metatarsal arch (widest part of your foot) = 214mm

Arch (tallest part of your foot = 223mm

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