Black Shoes, Turkish delight suede lining


Black Shoes, Turkish delight suede lining


These black shoes are made from the highest quality, soft, full grain Italian leather. With a butter-soft tannage and following 100% inspection at the tannery the hides are transported to Northampton before we use them to make our shoes. The leather soles are tanned in England and the rubber soles are manufactured in Spain. 

All my Shoes are made to be uniquely foot-shaped, Built to Last and designed to be repaired. You simply send them back and I give them a new lease of life.

These shoes have been made from start to finish in Machynlleth, Wales UK.

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“Wearing your shoes feels like wearing a second skin, like wearing nothing at all”
— J.B 2018

All my shoes are made on foot shaped lasts, with a broad toe-box for maximum flexibility of your toes. The shape of the sole is closely fitting around the arch and heel, so as to support and strengthen your arch without actually holding it up. If you have an arch support built into your shoes it can slowly over time make your arch muscles become inactive. *Please note, if you have arch supports to support a dropped arch, these can be built into my shoes but you are likely to need a bespoke pair made so as the relevant adjustments can be made to the patterns.  

I use a very soft bendy leather inner sole for all my footwear which allows your footprint embed into the soles. Having a flat foot bed means we are are not interfering with our bodies natural centre of gravity. I double outsole stitch all my shoes for maximum durability. The outer soles are rubber tyre tread which is replaceable when it wears down. 

All my Shoes are built to to last, designed to be repairable for years to come, you simply send them back and I give them a new lease of life.