Ready to wear range

I can make any of my designs in a cheaper,  unlined 'ready to wear' range, some of which you will see for sale in my online shop. Alternatively I can make you a pair bespoke, you will simply have to follow the instructions on the How to Order page on the menu. 

I can make my footwear up to a size 15 and in ½¼¾ sizes for men and women of all ages and sizes.


Thick leather uppers 

My unlined shoes are made from a thick, soft pliable leather available in a smaller range of colours. Unlined shoes are made with butt edges and no lining inside. The soles are made with an unlined version of the soling leather and backed with the tyre tread which is still repairable. 

Composit soft leather soles and imbed.jpg

Soft leather insole

The uppers are sewn to the thick 5mm leather inner soles which are soft so that your unique footprints will embed into them. 


Repairable Soles

As with all my footwear the soles are very long lasting and fully repairable when they wear out. Simply send them back and they will be given a  new lease of life. 

These are the main colours I use for unlined shoes. Please request colour swatches when placing your order.