Commissioning a pair of bespoke handmade shoes made individually for you gives you the freedom to choose any combination of colours you like. From shocking pinks to classic tans you can be as vibrant or traditional as you wish. If you simply want black shoes you can choose to have a different colour stitching or lining. You may order a variety of laces to change with your mood or event allowing your shoes to compliment any outfit perfectly or to make a statement of their very own.

Features of my Shoes

My bespoke footwear is designed to last and to be repaired. I make each pair to be uniquely foot shaped, hand crafted to each individual. You can choose the colour of the uppers, linings laces and stitching, a rarity that shoe shops cannot offer. Each pair is made with infinite care and attention.

The soft, full grain Italian uppers are made with rolled edges, fully lined in soft velvety suede or leather for extra durability.

I make my shoes with low heels. They are curved to fit your arch and are designed so that the feet are held firmly back into the heels of the shoes, leaving the toes free to spread into the broad toe-box, allowing toes maximum room to spread into their natural form.

Dinky Tyre soles cropped 2.jpg

Designed to Last

Nowadays most manufactured shoes are dictated by the fashion industry. The majority of factory made shoes wear out after a couple of years, ending their short lives in landfill. It is a waste of skills and energy, precious materials and your money.

    By contrast, mine are made with replaceable rubber soles, so that even with constant wear, they will last for years and years. All my footwear has double out- soled stitching for extra strength and durability.

Colour swatches.jpg

Handmade Laces

One of my most unique features of my shoes are the laces which I make by hand, using a long length of leather and reinforcing the inside with a waxed thread.

If you wanted plain black shoes, you may order a variety of laces from my kaleidoscope of colours to change with your mood or event allowing your shoes to compliment any outfit perfectly or to make a statement of their very own.

I use a very special leather for the soles, not used in traditional leather shoes. It was designed specifically for Hydraulic Engineering to create oil seals under great pressure and heat. It is soft and flexible, so your unique footprints embed into them. The result is your feet shape the soles. 

Fully lined, Italian leather uppers

My high quality, soft, full grain, Italian leather is available in over 60 different colours. I can also make my shoes with patents or tweed and all varieties of fabrics. You can choose to have my bespoke shoes made with or without the brogue design.

Your shoes can be made in one colour, two subtle colours or you can go wild and have the left shoe in pink, the other in lime green (Yes, It has happened before). You can choose the stitching which can set the shoe off or bring out the lining or the laces. See my gallery page for examples or ideas.

The picture below gives you a flavour of what is available. When you send me your order, simply request colour swatches and they will arrive in the parcel along with your fitting.