How to measure your feet

To understand your feet I need the Outline of both feet and measurements of their exact length and around the circumference of the Metatarsal Arch (A) and Arch (B).

Outline. You will need two sheets of A4 paper or cardboard (one for each foot), a sharp pencil or pen and a friend or partner to help.

1. Place the sheet of paper on a book on top of a hard floor or carpet with your heels against a vertical surface such as a wall or door frame.

2. Stand straight with your feet six inches apart (without socks).

3. Then ask your friend to draw the outline of your feet, keeping the pen in a vertical position as close to the foot as possible. Tilt your pen and draw under the arch to give me an idea of how high or low your arches are.

Length. On the same sheet of paper put the edge of the paper and your heel against a vertical surface (A door frame, wall or set square.) Make a mark at the end of the longest toe then measure the exact length from heel to toe.

If you want to order Shandals and you have bunions your feet may lengthen slightly when they are straightened, so please also measure the length with your big toe straightened if you can.

Girth. I will need measurements of the circumference around the Metatarsal Arch (A) – The widest part of the foot from the big toe joint over to the little toe joint and circumference of the Arch (B).

*If you are ordering boots please make a mark on both your legs at 12cm up the leg and at the place where you would like the boots to come to. Use the tape measure to measure these two points in mm making sure the tape measure is firm to your leg. 

Please Note:

Use a tape measure and measure in millimetres)

Please take care to be accurate. Measure twice to be sure. Inaccurate measurements can lead to delay, cost you money and me time.