Customers & Quotes

I went all the way to Wales to get fitted for my Shandals! I am an Early Childhood Educator (complete with bunions and a hammer toe!) and often on my feet 10 hours a day. My feet now feel great at the end of every day.
— Lynda Noble Prospect Bay NS Canada 2019

Thankyou for my amazing dream shoes, They are worn everyday and everyone loves them. I can now cope with my 12hour shifts more easily, and I have far less pain in my foot - The plantar Fasciitis has almost gone. My shoes are wonderful. - Dawne 2018

My Shoes feel like they were born to be on my feet..
— A.M 2018

Rachel Atherton 2017

My new Shandals. Custom fitted, lovingly handmade, cut, stitched and blessed by the extremely talented ruthemilydavey, my feet and hands are two points that contact my bike when riding and racing - these shoes give them space to breathe, work and be feet, look after them!

I am very pleased with my shoes. My feet are warm and when I take them off at the end of that day there are no red or sore patches on my feet at all. I find I can walk much further and faster in them and I have less back and hip pain than ever before.

Many Thanks
— H.A

Hello Ruth, Bore Da!
I hope these remarkable shoes find you and your family well.
My shoes are now 5 Years old (1 September 2010) and have lived through a remarkable history of being tried and tested to the limit.
They have weathered storms, mountains, rivers, mud, warm summers, cold winters and to add to the list, for the past 6 months I have used them for riding the fastest breed of horse in the world: the Akhalteke from the foothills of Turkmenistan. When not riding the horse, I run behind it, taking us through a mixture of terrains.

Thank you for the superb repair, I will do my best to look after my shoes for the next 5 years and beyond!

Best Wishes

Hi Ruth,
I hope the parcel with my shoes arrives safely today.
I attach some photos of my feet after two years of wearing your shoes.

I have found I can spread my toes far more than before I started wearing your fantastic shoes. My little toe in particular is a lot more flexible and I have a bigger space between the big toe and the others. I am confident healing will continue after so many years of “shoe abuse”. Keep up the good work!
Best wishes,
— Caroline O'Brien 2015

Thank you so much for my fabulous shoes, my feet are particularly happy with me and my big toes are being kept nicely in line!

— Guera Maunder May 2011

The quality of the experience Ruth provided put us at our ease and confirmed our hope that we were investing in a beautiful product designed with imagination and made with detailed skill and attention.

The opportunity to talk about how the shoes are made and see various designs helped in choosing the style most appropriate for our feet and brought a particular meaning to handmade shoes. Looking through and feeling a variety of coloured leather samples and threads gave choice a personal quality.

The thought of having such lovely shoes filled us with delight and we left the workshop confident that our new shoes would be a work of art. We thank Ruth for her friendly manner and providing us with an unique experience.

Lesley and Michael James 2013

When I wore my shoes for the very first time I forgot I had them on. This has never happened to me before breaking in a pair of shoes. I then wore them on a trip to Venice and was able to enjoy all the city has to offer and not worry about my feet hurting even after walking around for 3 days! As an orthotic wearer shoes that fit and are comfortable to wear is a rare combination.
— Vera Smith

Soom T 2012

Hi Ruth,
Just to let you know I am still getting on really well with the shoes and the shandals. I just love them and wear them every day!!
I went cycling yesterday and did not want to cycle in your lovely shoes so I tried to put on an old pair of mass produced shoes. I could not get my feet in them any more, so I tried another pair of old “normal” mass produced shoes - I only just got into them and it was like walking on planks of wood or like wearing climbing boots. I could feel how squashed my toes were.
Naturally I put my shandals on as soon as I got in from cycling. Never again!
Most of all I see this as a sign my feet have already widened and are healing. I can’t believe how bad for my feet so called “ordinary” shoes are.
May your business continue to prosper and thrive,

Kindest wishes,
Caroline O’Brien, 2013

Andrea USA

Hello Ruth,
My postman just drove down my drive with a box from WALES! I was so excited to open the box, and when I pulled the tissue back to reveal these lovely shoes you carefully crafted my breath was taken away! They are completely amazzzzing! I may have several accidents while walking in them because I can't stop looking at my feet , they are so beautiful, thank you so much!:):):)

I am unable to stop myself from looking at my beautiful, bottle green shoes, they are stunning. They are so comfortable, I feel as if my feet are enveloped in soft,fluffy clouds! I am so pleased with my beautiful shoes, definitely my best buy ever. Thank you for making my shoes , you are a genius.
— Beryl 2016

K.T Oct 2012

Hi Ruth,

I thought I would send you a quick email to say how lovely and comfortable my Shandals are, I can see a difference in my big toes, they are definitely straightening out. I have had many comments about them, all favourable!

I will order a pair of shoes for the winter –I just have to decide on the colour and style first.

(About shoes brought over 4 years ago)

My shoes are wonderful. As you can see I live in them. There are no blemishes on my feet and the shoes are bliss to wear. I have worked out they have given me endless foot bliss for under 14p a day!
— Helen Anderson

C. Barnett, Country Living Magazine Photographer 2014

Hi Ruth,

My shoes went down well on their first outing, I received many comments and they feel great to wear. I shall try them with the mustard laces next time though I do love the lime.

Thanks again, I look forward to ordering another pair next year!


The shoes are also a journey, I started off just looking at them for a week thinking that they were too precious to wear and they would have to be kept for ‘best’. Then it dawned on me that to get the most out of them I would have to put them on!

And ‘on’ they have been….Going out to the pub, going to work, playing with bikes in the workshop, Holiday in Norway. I am just amazed at how they change my mindset, I was fitting a new kitchen at home the other day and I found myself taking more time and enjoying what I was doing with a greater level of composure! They truly are magical as well as being very comfortable and the envy of all my family and friends.Thanks.
— Aled 2014

Robbie 2011

Dear Ruth,

What can I say more than I already have? The shoes are truly stunning and the crimson leather lining and stitching makes this shoe into something unique.Thank you so so much.

Just wanted to say;
I wore my shoes for the first time today!!!!!! (A day early, it’s my birthday tomorrow) all around London, my feet were in tootsie heaven, not one rub, not one uncomfortable moment, I wore them for 6 hours without taking them off and still my feet didn’t hurt, they are like wearing the most comfortable slippers! Thankyou so much, I am going to start saving for my next pair!!
Good Luck with your new baby, I hope all goes well for you.
— Wendy Jones 2014

Sara 2015

They're lush. I did 45 miles in them the 1st week. They're so comfortable and they improve my posture, how do they do that? and they've got such good grip I've been hill walking in them, and they make me smile. And I appear to be in a new exclusive club, where people, many of them strangers, introduce themselves with 'ooh, Ruth or Alan?'

Dear Ruth,

Just to say thank you from one of your satisfied customers from 2015.

I have been wearing my shoes a lot of late and am finding them so comfortable, when they arrived in May and during the summer I found them rather warm but now they are a delight and I have received lots of comments about the design and colour so maybe you will get some new clients.

I think I will order a second pair next year in a plainer design.

You have made them to fit my misshapen feet so well, I would never find anything to compare with your attention to detail.
— W.S 2015
My shoes -Your beautiful work have been admired in 6 different countries,

sending you my fond Buddha wishes!
— R.R 2010

Many thanks for sending the shoes you made for me, it is such a relief to have comfortable shoes after years and years of forcing my feet into unsuitable ones.

Kind Regards
— Richard Charles Dec 2010

Thank you very much - the black shoes with a red lining have safely arrived and they’re lovely. The fit is excellent and I’m very pleased with the effect of the red lining. I wonder if you happened to see the Last Night of the Proms? The conductor this year was Marin Alsop; she has to wear black formal clothes for work, as I do, so she wears something like a black jacket, but with red cuffs. That’s what I was thinking of, and when I walk round Derby Cathedral looking formal I shall be aware I have beautiful red linings.’
— E. Thompson 2010

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for the shoes.They are very comfortable and seem to be an excellent fit -they feel as if I have had them for years, they are very light and look beautiful.
— Elisabeth 2013

I want to thank you for the Shandals you made me last summer, Put simply my feet are now normal and happy, my toes don’t hurt to bend and I can walk anywhere and no longer one of those women surreptitiously slipping their high heels off under the table!

My best wishes
— Alice Goodman Librettist and Priest

They’re here! They’re wonderful. The first thing I noticed taking them out of the box was how soft they were. They fit perfectly. I’m off to put your cheque in the post and buy a small bottle of nail varnish for my toes—which, incidentally are very thankful, especially the left ones.

Again, many thanks, and my admiration for your beautiful and masterly work.

My Shandals are so lovely and comfortable, and I can see a difference in my big toes - they are definitely straightening out. Being a Yoga teacher and very body-aware I fully appreciate the benefits of your shoes and Shandals on feet.
— C. Hare

My Shandals have barely been off my feet since I received them and my walking is a great deal more comfortable. There were some corrective aches and pains to start with but otherwise now the comfort score is beyond expectation!

(Lorna had a very pronounced bunion on one foot and has said that after wearing her shandals for a whole summer the toes are almost back to being equal and in line.)

Most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Loathed to take them off! I wore them on holiday straight away (without breaking them in) as walking shoes and even in the heat there were no blisters. When I get up in the morning I base my outfit on my shoes!

I teach yoga and I can honestly say that wearing your shoes feels like walking barefoot but with support. Already thinking about the colour of my next pair!

Ruth Emily,

The school year is fast approaching and I plan to wear one of my new pairs of shoes on the first school day, the 16th of August. Can’t wait for wearing the shoes, but I can wait for the 1st school day.

”Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Marilyn Monroe.

I am ready with the right shoes - bring on the students and the challenges of teaching 3rd graders after teaching older students for 6 years.

With love
— EaK Alaska