Mexico part 1

Currently on the first part of my WCMT travelling fellowship in Mexico visiting small weaving communities to learn more about their way of life and how their skills are passed on and kept alive. (Workshop still open and busy with Mariko at the helm working on orders while in away until end of Jan)

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10 years..

Here is a photo of me and my mum and sister (bottom picture) of my first day of the Apprenticeship with Designer/Shoemaker Alan James Raddon - we stood on his staircase looking at his shoe-volution, we then took another picture 5 years later in the same position to mark the end of my apprenticeship then another with the new addition of my daughter Talitiu and my sisters son Leo to mark 10 years down the line.. wonder what it will look like in another 10..?

5 year repair ..

Hello Ruth, Bore Da!
I hope these remarkable shoes find you and your family well.
My shoes are now 5 Years old (1 September 2010) and have lived through a remarkable history of being tried and tested to the limit.
They have weathered storms, mountains, rivers, mud, warm summers, cold winters and to add to the list, for the past 6 months I have used them for riding the fastest breed of horse in the world: the Akhalteke from the foothills of Turkmenistan. When not riding the horse, I run behind it, taking us through a mixture of terrains.

Thank you for the superb repair, I will do my best to look after my shoes for the next 5 years and beyond!

Best Wishes

Winston Churchill Fellowship

I have just heard I have won a travelling fellowship from the Winston Churchill trust to go to to Mexico and Japan and study ancient craft and design, bringing awareness to making communities all over the world. Better get planning! So excited! 

Hearth is hot..

The moment has arrived, finally we are able to light the newly installed wood burner in my new workshop after months of limewashing the old stone walls and sanding and oiling beams and making shelves, which are now filled with rows of shoes. All my tools and leather look very fitting in the over 200 year old building which is attached to the house. The old stone fireplace has been cold and unused for many years so this last finishing touch was a bit of a moment of truth. It certainly looks right to see smoke coming out of the chimney once again..