Shandals® are exclusive to us

As many of you will have seen, there are scam sites out there who have stolen images from my website ( is one of them but there are many more) and are attempting to steal peoples money by using my images, its a TOTAL SCAM and we are doing everything we can to try and stop them. We will NEVER sell out to big corporate companies and all our Shoes and Shandals are made by us in our workshop in Wales. Shandals® were designed by Alan James Raddon. Shandals® Is a registered Trade Mark of - Alan James Raddon - Number 1515040 Footwear in Class 25 goods with effect from 07 October 1992. Alan licences me to make them as his apprentice and I licensed them to Mariko Kato in Japan as she was my apprentice so you will not find them for sale anywhere else apart from through us. I am now watermarking all my images to try and help this situation. .see below. . The awful thing is they are taking peoples money and not even sending them anything so if you do see an ad with no Ruth Emily Davey © across the photo IT IS NOT REAL, and please report it if you see ads on social media. Hopefully we can soon put a stop to this outrageous behaviour!!

'The Ivy' Shandals.jpg