Thankyou for buying your shoes. They have been made from start to finish with exceptional love, care and undivided attention. Please treat them with care and they will hopefully live a long life in return.  

I use a clear polish called Connolly Hide care for all my shoes, alternatively you can use a clear leather cream to keep them fed, in good condition and waterproof. Simply apply evenly with a cloth all over the uppers, being careful not to get any on the suede as it will mark. Take care to rub into the stitching and particularly around the sides of the soles to keep them waterproofed, this will maintain the colour too. You can use other coloured polish on your shoes but this may change the colour of the shoe so will need testing first. If I have blackened the sides for you please apply a black polish along the sides of the soles then use a shoe polishing bush to buff them, this will make them shiny and will seal the sides too. When your shoes get caught in the rain please dry them naturally with newspaper inside to draw out the moisture. Do not apply any direct heat, it is not good for the leather to dry quickly as it may become brittle and the soles may delaminate.            


When the heels or soles wear out send them back for repair, renovation and some TLC. - Please do not let the rubber soles wear down 2mm from the thick leather inner sole as this can make them irreparable as you will wear through the stitching.

Below are three photographs of Kath’s shoes which she brought in 1998. She returned them for repair 11 years later on the 29th of October 2009 and I re- paired them the very next day. Maybe they will last another 11 years. “You make them too well; you will do yourself out of business.” The point is that although most people would not consider buying hand made shoes because of the price, in the long run they work out great value for money.