The very first thing most people say when trying on a pair of my shoes for the first time is - ..

'They are so comfortable I almost forgot I had any shoes on'..

I believe this is what a pair of shoes should feel like when they have been made bespoke to your feet, after all in each of our lifetimes we will walk more than 4 time the circumference of the globe. The whole idea that a pair of shoes, even ones that have been made for you would need to be broken in first to be comfortable seems very wrong to me, why should the feet suffer at all?

I follow the principle of making foot shaped shoes, with a broad toebox for your toes to stretch and move and flex while closely fitting around the arch. A flat foot bed means we are are not inteferring with our bodies natural gravity. Every pair of my shoes are made to last and repairable in years to come, you simply send them back and I give them a new lease of life. Being foot shaped plus being made from very high quality, soft, durable leather makes them very different from most other shop brought shoes.

Shoes are our natural vehicle for movement. I believe in making shoes that support our whole body by being as close as possible to bare feet, firmly rooted to the ground. My lasts are broad around your metatarsal arch leaving enough space to flex your toes and narrow at the arch and heels to support the natural shape of your feet.

I make the uppers using a very strong, soft, full-grain Italian leather, available in a large range of colours. I roll the edges and fully line them in soft suede or leather making them highly durable.The uppers are sewn to the thick 5mm leather inner soles which are soft so that your unique footprints will embed into them. They are made from a very special leather not used in traditional leather shoes. 

The soles on my shoes have a very minimal heel because I think it is better for the whole body however for some people this can be a problem so I can build up my shoes a little and often build up one shoe higher than the other for those with one longer leg or similar problems. I back the leather inner sole with a outer sole from a range of soling materials, the following two being the most popular. 

TYRE sole, (click for more info)

TOPY sole (click for more info)

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