Wrapping them up

25 April 2012
I like to give each of my customers a unique tailored service. Each pair of shoes requires undivided care and attention to detail. In the finishing process I apply several layers of protective polish and carefully tie the laces into a perfect bow before carefully wrapping them in tissue paper to send them off to their new home with wishes of luck and the hope that they will see faraway places and do good things. Below is a pair of lime green, soft Italian leather brogues with rolled edges, fully lined in soft, black suede, finished with yellow stitching made for a very special customer who is walking through 5 different countries including Amsterdam and France.

Recycled shandals

8 April 2012
Recycled Leather ShandalsDespite doing my best to always use as much of each hide as possible I constantly have offcuts of leather so I made these patchwork shandals from a mixture of burgundy and deep brown leathers all linked together with a deep burgundy stitching and brass buckles.

If you have the choice why not go for it?

Sometimes, just sometimes, a customer comes along and uses the colour palate to its full potential. My Customer, Conchita got very excited in being able to live out her dream of commissioning mirror image footwear in her two favourite colors. So here are her finished pair of lime green and deep purple lace up shandals complete with matching opposite stitching and laces, the uppers have rolled edges and are fully lined in soft biscuit suede.

Year In a unit

Tuesday, 18 October 2011‘Year in a Creative Unit’ Competition 2011I am delighted to have been chosen to spend a year in a creative unit designed by Thomas Heatherwick within the Aberystwyth Art Centre beginning in September.It will be a wonderful opportunity to develop my business within a community of other artists and within the Arts Centre itself in a large bright white space after making all my shoes from a 12ft garden shed !

Handmade in Britain Book Launch 2011

Sunday, 9 October 2011
The book is created to support the resurgence of interest in high quality, handmade British designs and crafts. It features 90 contemporary British designer- makers who represent some of the talented artists working in Britain today.
I__n these days of mass produced objects where people have become strangers to the process of making, it is comforting to know that there are still craftspeople working by hand and creating wonderful, unique products such as jewellery, ceramics, textiles, furniture and other crafts. Many draw their inspiration from nature and the world around them, each has a unique approach to their work and the area they have chosen to specialize in. - Piyush Suri
The launch of the book will coincide with the annual Show at Chelsea Old Town Hall in October with a private view evening of the selected designer-makers work on 27th October 2011.

Antonio Ruocco of Da Constanzo

22 August 2011
I went to visit a very special shoemaker on the isle of Capri - Antonio Ruocco.
Since Roman times, strappy sandals have been the symbol of Capri. Antonio is continuing the ancient techniques and tradition of sandalmaking passed down from his father, Costanzo, using the very same tools and leather suppliers from Tuscany. You can see the photograph of Costanzo on the wall behind his workbench overseeing each pair being made! Ispirazione!

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